Watching TV On Election Day

I have an advantage over most of you. I can sit here during the day and watch TV, if I so desire. So that’s what I did today, and I’m still doing it.

The pundits are all but popping the champagne bottles for Barrack Obama, even before the polls are closed. It’s going to be close, but I still believe either candidate can still win.  The exit polls during the last Presidential election in 2004 called Kerry a winner, but Bush ended up winning (even though he is a Loser).

But let’s put things in perspective (again).  Six months ago McCain was leading in the polls.  The country was still concerned about the war in Iraq, Iran creating nuclear weapons, and terrorism.  Has anybody noticed that these activities are never in the news any more?

We only hear about the economy now.  Mortgage foreclosures started becoming news worthy, the banking system began to collapse (only six weeks ago), and the stock market took a deep dive.  So Obama came out looking better than McCain, after John slipped-up and said publicly, “I don’t know much about the economy”.

It’s ironic that because the Bush Republican administration has prevented another terrorist attack since 9/11/2001, therefore it’s not an issue on the minds of the public.  It’s also ironic that the “surge” in Iraq has been so successful that the lowest number of military deaths, since the March, 2003 invasion, was recorded in October… 16.

I know all lives are important, but just a year ago the numbers were averaging 100 deaths per month.  So we are making progress.  Additionally, the new Iraq government and the USA are negotiating a total withdraw of troops during 2011.  For some that won’t be soon enough.  And I agree we never should have gone there in the first place.  But simply walking away a loser in not an option.

In any event, the news media pundits keep calling states for Obama or McCain before 1% of the state ballots are counted.  It’s a media game.  They use their “exit polls”. Each network wants to announce a winner first.  Maybe I should have gone out drinking tonight!

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