We Don’t Want Your Hope And Change!

I have remained mostly silent on the mid-term election campaigns.  The rhetoric was highly abusive, the misinformation was rampant, the personal character attacks disingenuous, and rallying humorous.  I watched, listened and remembered what I wrote here two years ago.

On November 3, 2008, two years ago, I wrote a post here the day before the 2008 Presidential election.  I was angry with the existence of a government that consisted of far left liberals and far right conservatives.  I was concerned then that political moderates, whether Democrat or Republican, were a dying breed and unelectable.

You can go back and read that post titled Democrat, Republican or American if you wish. It also includes some predictions if the presidency and Congress power went with Obama and the Democrats. I believe those predictions have proven to be mostly accurate.

First things first; there is no “Tea Party”.  There are a group of people who banded together to support government fiscal prudence and used the old Boston Tea Party event as their rallying cry.  The original Tea Party was an event against the British governess of the American colony.  No taxation without representation.

The news media has led people to believe there is a new political party called the Tea Party.  Actually they are a “movement” consisting of primarily Independents, Libertarians and Constitutional Conservatives. There are still only two major recognized political parties; The Republicans and Democrats.

Reports show that over 80% of the nations Independents,  many who voted Democratic in 2008, voted Republican yesterday. That, I believe, is one of the most powerful messages that a political party can get.  The Democrats failed on its promises and went hell bent to push through Health Reform when what the country needed was economic improvement and jobs.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Democrats were unsuccessful in improving the economy.  They are against business and capitalism.  Businesses are what generate economic gain, new jobs and an improved tax base.  To make the problem worse, the Democrats borrowed trillions to move along their progressive socialist agenda.  Hope & Change???  Maybe so for a Democratic political movement that wants our government to fail economically so they can continue to convert us into a communist nation.

I mentioned my theory of the Obama presidency in 2008 to a good friend a couple years ago.  I haven’t seen any evidence to dispute my theory; actually I believe this current election supports my theory.

The Democrats have been pushing for nationalized health care for decades.  They have always failed, until 2009.  I believe Obama was chosen by the Democratic party back when Clinton left office in 2000.  Chosen to win the 2008 Presidency with one goal only; pass a national health bill.  He and the rest of the Democrats would be sacrificed to get the bill passed.  They would not be able to be reelected once the true cost and terms on the bill surfaced.

Remember the Health Reform Bill that was over 2000 pages and was not read by anyone before it was passed?  It was jammed down our throats, but the Democrats had the power to make it happen.  All this was done while the country was in the deepest recession since the great depression.

So my health care costs went up 60% this year.  They will probably go up more next year.  Large corporations are considering dropping health care for their employees.  It would be more cost effective to pay the government  $2000 fine.  States who have to bear the brunt of Medicaid costs have no money.  They will have to cut other services and increase taxes to pay for the health bill.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I still believe that Democrats & Republicans need to work together and compromise.  That is why we have a two party system and two houses of Congress.  If it stays status quo, the people will be real pissed in two more years.  Maybe then we will see a third party of moderates take control.

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