DuPont Pink Slips Expected Monday


After enjoying their New Year’s holiday employees of DuPont Company have lost their jobs. As part of their mass layoffs, DuPont will eliminate about 28% of employees around the end of March. About 1,700 people will be jobless and starting off the New Year behind. I am sure many of these employees received a holiday bonus and hopefully held on to it. DuPont plans to cut a total of 5,000 employees in locations worldwide. Some of the employees knew before the holidays that they would need to start looking for a job.


Employees that received pink slips were given sixty days notice that they would no longer be employed. The contractors hired by Dupont are getting the axe. Since Dupont is laying off over 500 employees they are required by law to give employees a notice. The company’s goal is to save around 700 million dollars by the end of this year.


Surprisingly these Delaware workers knew that this layoff was going to happen. Not just the employees are affected by this massive layoff. The local businesses are already feeling the effects. The department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants have noticed a drop in customers lately. No one is going to spend money if their job is not guaranteed. DuPonts layoffs are creating a domino effect and businesses all around their locations are starting to suffer.


DuPont expects to use the extra money that is being saved on employees to complete a soybean research facility. So far the company has already put around $35 million in to building and it is expected to be complete by this year. A total of ten DuPont locations are going to be impacted in Delaware. At least 80 percent of the company’s scientists at their Central Research and Development division at the Experimental Station are expected to get a pink slip.


Employees hopefully will not need to move and start looking for pink slip loans in Sacramento. Since DuPont is dumping many of their employees they have taken action and, will be helping former employees find work. Not many other places would even consider wasting their time on former employees.


DuPont will take the time to education employees with how to get unemployment, certifications, and even assist with job training if necessary. Not only will they do that they are also, issuing hire orders for other companies to hire their former employees, based on their skill set. DuPont is even helping their former employees look for jobs with the state used Job Link Database.


Though it is unfortunate that they employees are having to find a new job, it is great that DuPont is trying to help with that. They understand that those workers were not just there for a paycheck but, to provide for their families and for themselves. None of the locations affected by the mass layoff will be closing up. DuPont just wants to save money.


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