Democrat, Republican or American…

One day until the elections and I’m still perplexed. I made my choice. Was it the right choice or the “lesser of two evils”? Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s the later!

I support McCain for his experience. I believe he will do a better job helping to revive the economy. I say “helping” because no president has ever had a significant impact on the economy. The Federal Reserve Bank Chairman and regional Governors have more power, but the real power lies in the Congress.

I have a real problem with a Democratic Congress and a Democratic executive branch. Especially with Nancy Pelosi and Barny Franks in the dominant Congressional positions. Obama my be a great communicator to “the people”, but I don’t believe he will have any control over a Democratic Congress.

There simply will be no checks and balances. They will be able to do whatever they want without challenge. That is a very scary thought for the country.

I remember when there was a lot of middle ground in politics. There were Republican and Democratic “Moderates” that were capable of bringing both sides of the aisle together, cooperatively, to compromise on issues. These “Moderates” barely exist any more.

The Republicans are far “right” conservatives and the Democrats are far “left” liberals. Their political parties keep it that way by not supporting “Moderates” with campaign financing. So the “Moderate” has become a dying bred in the political process, and in our Congress.

I believe there are still a lot of “Moderates” out there in the general public. Those that believe in the middle on pro-life vs pro-choice, believe there should be a balance between saving the environment and saving the human race, understand that we are part a global economy, but need to protect our businesses and jobs.

I don’t see any candidates that are willing to compromise. But if Obama gets elected, we will be stuck for at least two years (until the next congressional elections) with Democratic taxes, spending and socialism. The Congress will push through everything they can before the next elections.

So stay tuned. We will survive the economic downturn no matter who gets elected. The global market forces just work that way, and always have. For the poll participants that have voted (according to media polls) that Obama will do a better job of fixing the economy… hold on to your hats. You may just get what you ask for… and you will pay dearly for it.

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