How Far (Literally) Can the Electric Car Go?

electric car

electric car

Back when I first heard about electric cars coming to the market, I wondered when we might start seeing them on the streets. I also wondered how one might charge the car after driving across the country. Would there be charging stations, instead of gas stations? Or could you just plug it into a regular outlet in a hotel? As you can see, we’ve come a long way from those wonders. Electric cars are selling, and surprisingly, as much as the price may have been a talking point when they were first introduced, it is now the amount of miles they can or cannot go without charging the battery with price in mind.

The Nissan leaf, which has been sold most in the last few years has only been able to go for 80 miles before having to recharge. You could say that this was the standard for the vehicles out there, or close to it. Now, automakers like Tesla and GM are racing to the market to offer electric cars that can go 200 miles before a recharge, revolutionizing the industry by nearly doubling the amount of miles before a charge. Both companies are preparing to create cars that can go the distance, believing that it is the true standard in the market of electric cars.

BMW isn’t currently buying into the idea that each electric car needs to have the most efficient battery to make sales. The head product manager of BMW stated that the average American only commutes an average of 36 miles. He believes that creating a product that keep the sportiness of the car but also has just the right battery capacity will keep them solid in their sales. The market seems to think that affordability was the tipping point, as consumers decided to buy the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and the Tesla Model S over BMW’s model.

Audi seems to be shooting even further into the range in which the electric car can go before a charge. They are developing an electric car that will push the war on range to 300 miles before a charge. Audi cited that it was a requirement they received from their sales department.

It is very clear that the range of electric car batteries is something that could go on until something else that is more efficient is introduced. Consumers of electric cars seem to be creating the market for these long range batteries. Automakers like Nissan, GM, Tesla, and Audi seem to agree that the market is for more long range batteries, while BMW seems to have decided to keep a sporty vehicle with a lower range battery. It was once clear to me that developing electric cars was to help with the emissions into the air from gas powered vehicles, and to decrease the reliability on fossil fuels. While that may be the case, until automakers end the race for battery range, these electric vehicles will continue to be expensive. Making it harder for consumers to buy them.


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How To Do Pre-Delivery Inspection For Your New Car?

Thinking of buying a new car is not as tedious task as actually buying it. It is like adding a new member to a family, for which one needs to take a substantial amount of care for its smooth and long-lasting functioning. In order to make the post-car purchase experience a prosperous one, a pre-delivery inspection is a must for all those cars-buyers who want to enjoy the benefits of their car at their leisure.


What Is PDI Or Pre-Delivery Inspection?


Pre-delivery inspection or PDI can simply be referred to the process that involves the thorough inspection of a vehicle’s features such as its add-ons, its criteria of the paperwork and so on. While it is the duty of any good salesman to ensure the guaranteed smooth functioning of the vehicle you are planning to invest in, a personal and in-depth authentication on your part also holds utmost importance you want to be peaceful after purchasing a car of your dream.


This article will summarize a list of pointers that every car buyer should keep in mind while performing a pre-delivery inspection:-




Before purchasing a car of your dream and choice, it is always wise for you to know more about it. When you carry out a proper and thorough research, you will be hoarded with an endless number of options. The only thing you need to do here is arm yourself with as much information as possible so that you can make a wise decision while purchasing your car. Besides, you can also check and go through several websites available online to get more and more information about the  car – buying process and other background details.




While new cars rarely contain past machine-related problems, it is always advisable to do check for problems if you are planning to buy a second-hand or used car. Moreover, before fixing and finalizing a date as well as time for the delivery of the car that you have decided to buy, make sure that it is done during the day, especially when you have sufficient time to carefully inspect the vehicle. Details such as the manufacturing date, state of the engine, chassis number of the car and so on are some of the most important things that you must check and ensure before making your final decision.




Don’t hesitate in asking the salesman or the staff of the showroom about the specifics of any car. After all; you have every right to be aware of all the basic details your potential future car comprises of. Be calm and composed so that you can properly grasp the information the salesman or showroom offers you.




The key reason why a pre-delivery inspection holds so much significance is because you can get your car as per your needs and budget, and have a great post–delivery car experience. Also, don’t forget to take a picture of the various parts of your purchased car when it is being delivered. This will work as a proof in the future if you come across any glitches or problems.


There are many certified mechanics, who can help you in the process of PDI. You can make use of their services, too, but here also don’t forget to make sure that they are reliable.


Thus, with these above-mentioned pointers in mind, you can make the wisest decision while buying your dream car.


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DuPont Pink Slips Expected Monday



After enjoying their New Year’s holiday employees of DuPont Company have lost their jobs. As part of their mass layoffs, DuPont will eliminate about 28% of employees around the end of March. About 1,700 people will be jobless and starting off the New Year behind. I am sure many of these employees received a holiday bonus and hopefully held on to it. DuPont plans to cut a total of 5,000 employees in locations worldwide. Some of the employees knew before the holidays that they would need to start looking for a job.


Employees that received pink slips were given sixty days notice that they would no longer be employed. The contractors hired by Dupont are getting the axe. Since Dupont is laying off over 500 employees they are required by law to give employees a notice. The company’s goal is to save around 700 million dollars by the end of this year.


Surprisingly these Delaware workers knew that this layoff was going to happen. Not just the employees are affected by this massive layoff. The local businesses are already feeling the effects. The department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants have noticed a drop in customers lately. No one is going to spend money if their job is not guaranteed. DuPonts layoffs are creating a domino effect and businesses all around their locations are starting to suffer.


DuPont expects to use the extra money that is being saved on employees to complete a soybean research facility. So far the company has already put around $35 million in to building and it is expected to be complete by this year. A total of ten DuPont locations are going to be impacted in Delaware. At least 80 percent of the company’s scientists at their Central Research and Development division at the Experimental Station are expected to get a pink slip.


Employees hopefully will not need to move and start looking for pink slip loans in Sacramento. Since DuPont is dumping many of their employees they have taken action and, will be helping former employees find work. Not many other places would even consider wasting their time on former employees.


DuPont will take the time to education employees with how to get unemployment, certifications, and even assist with job training if necessary. Not only will they do that they are also, issuing hire orders for other companies to hire their former employees, based on their skill set. DuPont is even helping their former employees look for jobs with the state used Job Link Database.


Though it is unfortunate that they employees are having to find a new job, it is great that DuPont is trying to help with that. They understand that those workers were not just there for a paycheck but, to provide for their families and for themselves. None of the locations affected by the mass layoff will be closing up. DuPont just wants to save money.


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How and Why to Check An Engine Before You Buy A Used Car?

Mechanic is unscrewing the ignition plugs of a modern car with a spark plug box spanner. Generic barcode on the plastic cap

Mechanic is unscrewing the ignition plugs of a modern car with a spark plug box spanner. Generic barcode on the plastic cap

Are you planning to buy a used car? Isn’t it exciting to get a beauty that talks in the language of speed and passion? The feeling of power behind the wheel is exhilarating, filled with adrenaline and white-knuckle. But wait, do you know, there are chances that you may get cheated if you don’t know how to check the used car engine before buying your dream second-hand car.

If you are a first-time buyer, don’t let yourself be fooled by the outer look of the car. From its outer look, it may look perfect and ready to roar, but the poor engine may lead you to the service center almost every day or week. Even though you are a regular buyer of the second-hand car, but, do you know the performance of a car entirely depends upon the condition of its engine, instead of its body paint and finish.

Here is the checklist that is necessary to follow while scrutinizing the engine condition.

Lift the hood

Remember, the materials under the hood are responsible for car’s performance. When you inspect a used car, switch on the parking brake, change the transmission in the park mode and switch off the engine. Take a flashlight and look for dent, scratch inside. If your nose catches the burning fuel smell, or feels like antifreeze, then you should know the car will show poor maintenance. And if you can see or smell leak, think twice before bargaining. A sign of poor quality may be the result of a racing modification. If everything is clean, don’t get too excited. It may be a camouflage.

Most of the times, dealers clean the hood before inviting buyers for inspection. The trick is to do cold start and check the fuel level. If the level is low and dirty, it means the dealer is lying. If during cold start, the battery needs boosting, or there is loud noise at start, it indicates the perturbed battery. Check for the smoke, if the car generates black or gray smoke, beware there is something fishy. You also need to check the carbon deposit under oil cap. If the internal engine part looks greasy and dirty, then beware and look for some other car.

Check the Odometer

The used car is obviously old and cannot show an odometer with 0 mileage. Nonetheless, if the odometer shows more than 10,000 miles of the used car that you have planned to buy, don’t buy it. The higher is the odometer the lower is the left time span of that car. It will be an utter bamboozle from the dealer to offer you the dying horse just because you don’t know much about the car.

Test drive is real fun

Cold drive is right and can tell you a lot, but you get the insinuation clearly only when you have a test drive. The smoothness of wheels on the road, the maximum speed, the condition of the brake, the irritating vibration, the troubled acceleration or declaration, the condition of interior, everything is significant and must be heeded. However, all these can be revealed only when you have a test drive of the car. The main part is to sense that, “this is the car that belongs to me”. If the car triumphs you emotionally, economically and physically (on road performance), this is the beauty you may be looking to adopt.

Documentation and papers

You definitely don’t want to buy a theft car or a car with accidental history. The proper documentation and original papers of the car are the proof that will confirm that your desired car is free from any haphazard and glitches that are most often kept hidden by the dealers of used cars. Besides, the service book tells you about the maintenance and the real picture behind the wheels.

Overall, it all depends on your choice, but you do need to give a quick check on the used car if you don’t want to face any further hurdle.

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Best 2016 Vehicles Under $25,000

Detroit, MI, USA - January 13, 2015: Toyota Camry on display during the 2015 Detroit International Auto Show at the COBO Center in downtown Detroit.

Are you looking for an affordable new vehicle for 2016? There are plenty of reliable 2016 models that are available for just $25,000 or less. There is always the option to purchase a used vehicle for under $25,000 as well, but some people just want a vehicle with that “new car” smell. If you are looking for a vehicle with no previous owner, read on for a list of the best 2016 models that cost $25,000 or less.


Chevrolet Sonic

Chevy has been a trusted car company for years, and they came out with the Sonic in 2015. The updated 2016 Chevrolet Sonic can be purchased with a hatchback or sedan style. The vehicle is considered a small and sporty car, equipped with a turbocharged engine that offers an estimated 40 mpg on the highway. In 2015, the Sonic was named as one of the Top Safety Picks in the small car segment by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The 2016 model is even better than the 2015 model. Prices for the vehicle start at $14,345 and can increase to around $21,000 for additional add-ons.


Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai has been known for offering safe and affordable cars, and each year they develop a more luxury style for their vehicles. The 2016 Hyundai Elantra is a great option for consumers who don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money for luxury. It offers a sleek exterior and a 6 speed transmission, which includes SHIFTRONIC and an Active ECO system. Tech packages can be added on, still keeping the price under $25,000. These packages include navigation, Hyundai Blue Link Telematics System, and Blue Link Connected Care. Prices start at just $17,250.


Kia Optima

Kia is another car company that has been around for awhile, and has increased their standard of vehicle. The 2016 Kia Optima LX, or LX 1.6 T are two options that will cost just under $25,000 for the standard model. What is great about the LX model is that it comes with a keyless entry. The LX 1.6 T comes standard with a rear-camera display, push button start, smart welcome, and smart trunk. With the smart welcome, the Optima will detect your smart key and automatically unfold the outside mirrors and turn on the door pocket lights. The smart trunk automatically opens when it detects your key fob. Prices start at $21,840 and $23,990 for each model. Additional add-ons will cost more, bringing your total over $25,000, but advanced technology features make even the basic model a hit.


Toyota Camry

Toyota has been making the Camry for years, and every year it just gets better and better. For a starting price of $23,070, you can get a stylish and sporty interior, with a bold exterior. Toyota even markets that people will be asking you what kind of car you are driving because the new 2016 design of the Camry is different than previous models. Not only is this car affordable, but it comes with a great set of safety features including a blind spot monitor and ten airbags.


These are only a few of the best 2016 car options for under $25,000. Do you have a dream car that is great and affordable? Tell us about it in the comments!


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Consumer Reports Lists Top 10 Most Loved, Hated Cars

Consumer Reports Lists Top 10 Most Loved, Hated Cars

If you’re in the market to buy a new car, then you’re probably interested in the opinions of others who have already purchased the car you may be thinking of buying. And, while you may be curious about things like features and safety, most of that information is easy to find online. What’s not so easy to find online is whether or not people actually LIKE their cars…until now.

Consumer Reports Magazine recently published information on what surveyed car owners thought of their vehicles. It looked at 230,000 vehicles made over the past three years in an effort to find the most beloved (and the most hated!) cars currently on the market.

While it’s fun and very interesting to look at the results of the survey, remember to take what you read with a grain of salt. People often gripe about small things or accidentally misreport information on surveys. Plus, your experience could always be different than someone else’s. With that said, though, it’s definitely fun to see what other people have to say.

The Shining Star

Coming in at the top of the “loved list” was the Tesla Model S. A whopping 97% of the vehicle’s current owners said that, if they had it to do over again, they would definitely purchase the car. They praised its performance and low ownership costs.
Other favorites on the list included the Chevrolet Corvette, the Porsche Macan, the Porche 911, and the Porche Cayman.

Hated Cars

On the not-so-loved list- okay, the hated list- car owners reported dissatisfaction mostly with cheaper vehicles. Taking the “worst car” title was the Kia Rio, closely followed by the Nissan Sentra, the Jeep Compass, and the Jeep Patriot. Both jeep versions are set to be discontinued, so apparently, nobody really liked them all that much!

An Important Takeaway

One thing to pay attention to as you browse through the list (provided below), is which brands are featured more than once. Obviously, those brands are pretty darn good at satisfying customers, so that’s definitely something to consider and think about as you shop.
However, you should also keep in mind that everyone is different and wants different things in a car. As such, just because someone else wasn’t happy with a particular vehicle doesn’t mean you should shun it automatically. If you have your heart set on a vehicle on the “hated” list, you can still check it out or take it for a test drive! You might find that your opinion isn’t in line with that of the people surveyed, and that’s okay!

The List

Without further ado, here are the hated and loved lists for your perusal:

Most Satisfying Cars:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Porsche Cayman
  • Porsche Macan
  • Porsche 911
  • Acura MDX
  • Ford Mustang
  • BMW 2 Series
  • Subaru Outback
  • Volkswagen Golf

Least Satisfying Cars

  • Kia Rio
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Hyundai Veloster
  • Dodge Journey
  • Nissan Versa Note
  • Nissan Juke
  • Fiat 500L
  • Nissan Pathfinder
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Everything You Need To Know About The 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Detroit, MI, USA - January 12, 2015: Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle on display during the 2015 Detroit International Auto Show at the COBO Center in downtown Detroit.

Detroit, MI, USA – January 12, 2015: Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle on display during the 2015 Detroit International Auto Show at the COBO Center in downtown Detroit.


The 2016 Detroit Auto Show is on the horizon, and with it the best and brightest in auto making showing off what they have planned for the new year. Whether you’re going yourself to get a look at the new stock or simply can’t wait to see what the auto blogs will say, here’s everything you need to know for this year’s auto show.


Not All Tech Will Be New

While the Auto Show is still the place for manufacturers to come show off the cars as vehicles, CES has become the hotspot to show off the cars as pieces of technological innovation. By the time of the auto show, Chevrolet’s new Bolt models will have already premiered at CES 2016, along with a Volkswagen electric concept vehicle. Toyota will have brought their new mapping technology to the show, as well, and a number of tech providers for the automotive industry will have shown what they’re rolling out for the upcoming year. With all this known from CES, there will be a lot time for research and reporting prior to the Auto Show, hopefully driving the amount of information about this tech to greater lengths in Detroit.


Luxury Will Dominate

That can be said pretty much every year – everyone is always on the watch for what will be shown by some of the world’s most elite car makers. There will be no change to that this year, with Porsche bringing the newest version of its 911 family to the stage, Mercedes with the newest SLC, and BMW bringing in two new models for people to gawk at or mock as they see fit. The premier list doesn’t have the same high concentration of ultra-luxury models or concepts as has been seen is some previous eras, but what will take the stage is nothing at which to scoff.


The Displays Will Be Big

It’s not just some sparkling new cars that are coming to town, there will be some serious effort put into attention-catching displays. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will be putting on a video-heavy multi-media  display they are calling “gears,” telling the individual history of the Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram brands and weaving a story about how they all work together. Since the city has completed renovations on the convention center, a lot of space has opened up for automakers to not only show their cars, but devise new and clever ways to get passers by interested in what they’re saying.


Kids Will Be Welcome

It’s never too early to start building brand loyalty, and the auto industry knows that. Ford will be offering a free build it yourself Ford GT snap kit at their stand. It will be cheap as ever for them to get in, too, and with plenty of age appropriate automotive goodness once they’re in. Just make sure to keep an eye on them – it’s a big space with a lot of cool stuff to check out, after all.

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Why Isn’t There a Regulation on Auto Loans?


Why Isn’t There a Regulation on Auto Loans?

Auto loan debts have become a large business and yet, it is an important type of financing that many consumers need. However, the government has failed to really notice its impact. Consumers that borrow money to buy cars and trucks in 2015 alone have incurred a total debt of $119 billion as indicated by the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. This outstanding debt in the auto industry is the highest it has been in a decade. The contention, though, is how was this debt created, who benefits from it and why is it not regulated by the government. If you are in the market looking for a vehicle to buy, the important thing is to shop around or you will end up paying too much in financing costs to buy your next vehicle.


Auto Financing

Auto financing is traditionally initiated by the car dealership in your local area. The car dealership is the lender or broker in some cases, selling the financing and negotiating its terms, price and loan structure with the consumer. At a later date, the car dealership will resell your loan to an investor. The value of the loan upon resale will depend on the amount that was borrowed, the buyer’s credit score and the interest rate. Of course, most consumers want to have the lowest interest rates and the car dealer wants to secure the best deal for loan resale.


Subprime Auto Loans

As vehicles age, consumers will look for a replacement, thereby creating a market. Since most Americans depend on their vehicles to commute, owning one is far more important than a high interest rate. Those with weak or bad credit will have to accept subprime loans that have become rare for mortgage lenders, but not for car dealers.


Losses Experienced

Some car dealers, however, have experienced losses as borrowers with bad credit fail to repay their loans. This has been the experience of new auto financing companies entering the market recently. There has also been an increase in subprime borrowers struggling with their monthly car payments. For this reason, as was the meltdown in subprime mortgage loans years ago, many are hoping that this will not happen in the auto finance industry.


Oversight of Auto Loan

Due to the size of the auto loan industry, many would think that it would be carefully regulated by the federal government. However, that is certainly not the case. Car dealers are purposely not included in oversight because the assumption is that auto dealers are not able to handle the federal paperwork like banks can. This is under the ‘carve out’ program created by the passing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform.



With increased inflation and the intricacy of the market, it is not surprising that auto prices have also increased in recent years. Increase auto prices means larger auto loans. The ‘carve out’ program has not affected car dealers, but auto finance companies with their discriminatory terms and rates according to the CFPB. For that reason, auto financing companies have settled claims for more than $200 million. In June 2015, a rule was published by the CFPB where automobile leases are considered financial services or products, leading to some traction, regulating the auto industry without a direct regulation to local car dealers.


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